Carbon Talks is a new initiative of Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue, in collaboration with SFU’s Segal School of Business, the School for Public Policy and the School for International Studies.  Our goal is to advance Canadian global competitiveness by shifting to a low-carbon economy. Carbon Talks does this by:

  • convening business, thought leaders and policy makers in open and confidential dialogues about leading edge ideas, processes and technologies that reduce Canada’s carbon footprint
  • working in partnership with municipalities and other levels of governments to create an enabling environment for a low carbon economy
  • publishing independent fact-based analysis about relevant issues and challenges
  • hosting public forums profiling leaders  and innovations in the low-carbon economy

Carbon Talks has interviewed over 130 business and thought leaders, climate scientists and environmental activists in its research and development stage. Out of these discussions have emerged a number of initiatives that Carbon Talks will undertake in our first year.  These include:

  • Bringing developers, architects, builders, green building consultants and academics to advise the City of Vancouver on how to implement their target of Carbon Neutral Buildings by 2020.  Also working with the City on district energy, electrification and density.
  • Convening financial institutions and venture capitalists to identify innovative models for funding energy efficiency.
  • Supporting retailers to measure and reduce the indirect costs of carbon in their supply chain.
  • Working with energy producers to develop a effective accounting mechanism to identify, measure and reduce fugitive emissions.
  • Working with municipal engineers and strategists to identify energy options for green facilities and road space allocation

In addition to the small and focused dialogues, Carbon Talks convenes public forums that profile individuals and innovations in the low-carbon economy.  Join our Facebook group at!/pages/Carbon-Talks/154535414590238 to learn about our upcoming events.


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